Band Biographies

All-girl British pop rock band Greymatter fronted by Georgey Payne (The L Project) and Emma Kavanagh, have been performing live since 2004. They have 3 albums available worldwide, toured the UK and Europe and have graced many well known stages and events throughout their time performing. For the last two years Greymatter have won the "Best Band/Artist Award of 2013 and 2014" awarded to them by L Fest.

Greymatter have won both the hearts and minds of a growing and dedicated following with their strong musicianship and warm personalities. The group delivers beautiful vocal harmonies and lively layers of enduring rich melodies, carefully interlaced with heart-felt lyrics about love, heartache, yearning, and passion. They bring on emotion with heartfelt ballads but then get you on your feet with pulse racing rockier tunes, demonstrating their diverse and exciting sound. Georgey Payne singer/songwriter for the band, also wrote the international chart topping LGBT charity song s "It Does Get Better" and "We're All Human" released by The L Project. If you loved the charity songs, then you will love Greymatter.

Greymatter can also be stripped down to an emotive unplugged acoustic band too.

To date every venue, promoter, and event organiser has invited them back, and their fans never fail to turn up and shout for more. Venues and events over the years include:

  • The Playhouse in Nottingham
  • St David's Hall in Cardiff
  • L Fest UK Festival
  • L Fest Del Mar, Spain
  • Brighton's Komedia
  • London, Nottingham, Brighton, Reading, and Oxford Prides
  • The Isle of Wight Festival
  • Mr Kyps
  • The Half Moon, Putney
  • the International Fete de la Musique in France
  • the International Women's festival in Lesbos
  • the L Beach festival in Germany
  • Guilfest

And many more

With three self-produced and distributed albums to their name and new music on the way, these girls are a band not to be missed - energetic, honest, talented and a whole bunch of fun!

Georgey Payne: Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar, Piano, and Song Writer

GeorgeyI was born on December 9th. I'm half American, half Greek with some Cherokee Indian thrown in! My relationship with music all started at the age of 7! My Mum and Dad decided they would buy me a guitar for my birthday. My mums family are all musical so they wanted to see if I had the music bug too. At the age of 7 I had guitar lessons for a few years, and four years later I was starting to write songs, and even tried to record them onto an old dodgy tape deck! As soon as I started senior school I taught myself to play piano and drums, so at the ripe old age of 12 I was hooked on all three instruments.

In May 1988 I began a career in hairdressing.

From the age of 16 I was playing in bands and performing my own material in venues.

I would have to say that the most relevant turning point in music was meeting Emma eight years ago when she came to me for guitar lessons. M was already doing some singing so we used the guitar lessons to mess around and worked on a few covers. Both of us quickly realised that our voices sounded good together and we started experimenting with a few "Indigo Girls" songs and covers of other well known artists. This got us onto the pub scene and we were soon working charity events and private functions. Just me, Emma and one guitar. It was about this time that my style of writing started to change. I found myself writing songs that we could sing together, both with the expression of harmonies and in a way that would compliment each other, yet also give us both the chance to be individual. Having the same taste and love for music we found the best working partnership ever, with lots of laughs at each other and ourselves. We worked this way for three years as a duo before forming the band you know today.. Greymatter.

I can't think of anything better than playing music with my best friends. My influences are so varied, they include artists such as Cherry Ghost whom I'd have to say are my favourite, Keane, Sarah Mclachlan, Melissa Etheridge, Indigo Girls, Lifehouse, Trisha Yearwood, Jewel, Shawn Colvin, and Natalie Merchant.

Many friends and people ask me what inspires me to write and it's easy my answer would have to be "Life", "Circumstances" and "People". I just want to create songs that everyone can relate to, based either on my own experiences or on somebody else's. I can't read music only a few basic guitar chords.

I've even had made my own little rubber stamp of a guitar fret board made, so I can fill in the dots of where to put my fingers when I write.. and I even give them my own chord name!.. thankfully the other guys in the band can read music and quickly work out what notes they are really meant to be!

That's why I love them..we all work as a team.

Emma Kavanagh: Lead and Backing Vocals

EmmaI came to music a little later in life than Georgey. Sport was my 'thing' and most spare moments were taken up playing or competing in any sport I could fit in. However, my main sport became hockey and I was lucky enough to represent England for a number of years. Unfortunately at the age of 18 I picked up an injury that was to keep me out of the game for two years and without that direction in my life I needed to find something else to occupy me. So, I packed up and headed off around the world for a year.

Travelling was the most amazing experience, more exciting than I could ever have imagined, and I found myself slipping easily into a life style of meeting new people and working at any old job to earn money for my next adventure. Cleaning cars and bar work was an all right way to earn a living but I soon found a much more enjoyable money-spinner.... singing! So, for twelve months, I successfully earnt a living winning singing competitions and entertaining people in pubs. On returning to England I found it hard to settle into much of anything. My hockey wasn't as intense as it had been before I'd left, I'd got used to all the different people I'd met whilst travelling and my life now seemed a little empty. That is until I met George.

George had been trying to teach me guitar and it was during this time that we tried out a few numbers together. Our voices really seemed to compliment each other and I guess both of us realised the potential we had as a female duo. It was complete chance that we'd ended up like this, but we were both glad that we had. George had been writing her material for more years than I've probably been on this earth (she won't thank me for saying that, I'm not implying that you're old Georgey!). Following the realisation that we sounded good together she started to write songs that we could both sing, and some of them became the songs that we perform now.

From the first time that I heard George's material I had the utmost respect for her as a writer and was more than happy that she'd altered her style of writing to accommodate my vocals. It was such an exciting time for both of us. It's now eight years on and we've never looked back. We've had some ups and downs, but mostly ups and the turbulent times have made us stronger and added more passion to our music.

So I have seen GREYMATTER go from a duo to the band that we are today. I feel lucky to be able to share such a large and important part of my life with some of my best friends, and music has definitely become the force that drives me. Like George I have varied taste in music, my favourite artists include Coldplay, The Foo Fighters, Maximo Park, Counting Crows, Natalie Merchant, Pearl Jam, R.E.M, Kris Delmhorst, and so many more.

So where am I now? Iíve got a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology and a Degree in Sports Science and currently work as a lecturer in Sport Psychology and Coaching Science. I still play hockey, and was fortunate to be selected to represent England mixed in the summer of 2008 which was a truly fantastic experience. Amidst what is always a busy life it is music that continues to keep my focus and motivation. Who knows what the future holds, I just feel lucky to be given the opportunity to be part of something I truly believe in whilst working with some of my closest friends.

Julie Boyce: Bass Guitar

JulieA long time ago when I was five I was devastated to discov er that Elvis had died. This tragic event moved me to impersonate the King with the aid of an upright vacuum cleaner. I've now moved on to large mirror and a massive hair brush.

After a respectable period of mourning I realised the dials on the radio moved and that it wasn't all Arnold the dog and Radio 4! No! There was Abba and Odyssey and other disco acts that could bring music to life in a lycra wearing, glass ball kind of way. And who could forget the great Earth Wind and Fire? These masters of the dance floor, purveyors of the platform boot passionated my urge to reach out and seek the bass. It makes me emotional just thinking about it.

What can I say? I love music!

And now I'm playing in a band with more rhythm than the Jacksons, more dance routines than Agadoo, and more hair products than the Supremes. Greymatter, the only thing that could replace Elvis in my life! I love you guys.

Andi: Drums and Percussion

AndiWell, I was born on 3rd August and music has always been in my life. I started playing percussion at age 9 (though it would be even younger if you count banging mum's saucepans!) bought my first drum kit at 11, and by the time I was in my teens I was giving other people drum lessons. I also started playing piano during school and I'm currently attempting to learn guitar, though my baby soft fingers find it a struggle!

I've played drums in various groups growing up; jazz bands, wind bands, pit bands, percussion groups, and my most recent musical exploit with a mate, our band Sorefinger! I love listening and playing all types of music and have been fortunate enough along the way to have performed in the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, and also had an amazing time touring round Prague with a percussion group.

I've mainly played quite structured drums in the past, through reading music in most of the bands I've been in, so I can't wait to have the opportunity to let my hair down a bit and be more creative with my drumming in Greymatter.

I'm really looking forward to everything to come with the band, and couldn't ask for a more exciting kick start to it all by ending up in Germany within the first month! Here's to an exciting future with great bunch of girls! :)

Jinny: Piano

JinnyDetails soon

Lizzie: Lead Guitar

Info coming soon!